Why use the FSC Small and Community Label Option?

Connect shoppers to the stories of small and community producers managing their forests responsibly for the benefit of their families, their futures, and a brighter future for us all

Campaign objectives:

1. Increase sales of FSC products
Promoting the FSC Small and Community Label Option in store and online is an opportunity to increase sales of the FSC products.

2. Show your commitment to responsible forest management
The FSC label embodies environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management. This equals a responsible use of the world’s forest now and in the future. You can show your commitment to FSC and our mission and thereby increase your sustainability credentials.

3. Promote products from FSC certified small and community producers
Small and community producers are families, cooperatives, small woodlot owners, and indigenous and traditional groups. They face greater challenges bringing products to market that will benefit their livelihoods and intense pressure to convert their forests to more lucrative land uses. By supporting their efforts and enterprises, your company is sending a message that you support forest protection through solidarity with communities who wish to prosper by being sustainable.

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