How to build a campaign using the FSC SCLO Marketing Toolkit

Create a dynamic and inspirational campaign that highlights your brand’s values- using assets that you can adapt to tell the story of how you support communities that use forest resources responsibly.

Made with Heart

The ‘Made with Heart’ campaign encompasses the connection between the prosperity of local communities and the earth-smart choices of consumers.

The campaign shows us that products that come from FSC certified small and community producers are more than meets the eye. There is a ‘special recipe’- that includes intangible ingredients such as respect for human rights, protection of the environment, community prosperity, care in forest management, and empowerment - that means the product is ‘made with heart’.

The campaign illustrates that consumers play an integral role in helping communities prosper when they choose products that come from small and community producers. FSC and the retailer play an important role in bringing the producer and consumer together for a brighter future for everyone. This is explained in our ‘Made with Heart’ story- available as tag copy and as a short animation.

The Journey

A shopper’s journey with the campaign starts with their connection to small and community producers. The path includes raising awareness, inspiring purchase and connecting shoppers to the mission

Raising awareness

Give shoppers confidence in the earth-smart choices they make as they seek the product in store or online:

  • Aisle, window, and standing posters
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Floor stickers
  • Stands 
  • In store events

Inspiring purchase

Inspire shoppers to seek FSC certified products from small and community producers by including eye-catching graphics and imagery in your story-telling

  • Aspirational product images
  • Positive producer images 
  • The ‘Cycle of Community Prosperity’ infographic 
  • List of ‘intangible ingredients’ 
  • The ‘Made with Heart’ animation
  • Create inspiring videos

Connecting to the mission

Once the shopper has found the product, it’s time to make sure the message comes together.

  • 2,4, or 6 face product tags with graphics and imagery
  • Product and information stands
  • Linking back to the SCLO consumer website at
  • Creating a call to action

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