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FSC® Small and Community Label Option 
The Small and Community Label Option (SCLO) is a new label option by FSC for the Small and Community producers to label their products that exclusively (100%) come from their forests.

The term ‘label option’ simply refers to the new texts on FSC on-product labels. Products that come from the forests of Small and Community producers can have the on-product label with texts such as ‘From well managed forests of small or Community producers’.

Products that carry the SCLO are promoted under the Made with Heart campaign, using the in sotre, on-line and on-label materials provided in the SCLO Made with Heart toolkit.

As a retailer, you’re familiar with the value of products sourced from schemes that protect the environment or provide social benefits for communities in some of the world’s most beautiful, but often most neglected, regions. You understand that more and more, consumers prefer to buy products that help them contribute to social upliftment and environmental sustainability.

For this reason, the Forest Stewardship Council, launched a new on-product labelling project called the Small and Community Label Option (SCLO) to distinguish products from Small and Community producers in the marketplace. This project is being marketed to consumers under the campaign banner Made with Heart. When consumers buy a product carrying the distinctive orange Made with Heart banner, they are assured that the product originated from a community that is dedicated to protect the natural resources that have provided for its ancestors for centuries. At the same time, the community that produced the product will be paid for it, and will use the money to invest in bettering their environment, including building schools, gaining access to clean drinking water or expanding their business venture.
Made with Heart can be promoted through an in-store, online or print campaign, with the materials provided in this toolkit.

The FSC label embodies environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management. This equals responsible use of the world’s forests now and in the future. You can show your commitment to FSC and our mission and thereby increase your sustainability credentials by engaging in Made with Heart.

Small and community producers are families, cooperatives, small woodlot owners, and indigenous and traditional groups. They face greater challenges bringing products to the markets that will benefit their livelihoods. This creates intense pressure to convert their forests to more lucrative land uses. By promoting products from small and community producers’ efforts and enterprises, your company is sending a message that you support forest protection through solidarity with communities who wish to prosper.

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